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L’Barkery Kitticino Single Shot

L’Barkery Kitticino Single Shot

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All the goodness of our Probiotic Original Kitticino BUT with the Goodness of Beetroot added.
What does beetroot do....
DETOXIFICATION - Cleanses the Body from unwanted Toxins (healthy liver and kidneys)
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- Helps combat Inflammation
as well as
Boosts Immunity
Boosts physical endurance
Promotes healthy weight
Increases antibodies
Antioxidant Support
Promotes fertility
Healthy vision
Great source of Dietary Fibre
Beets can also provide your dog with good amounts of magnesium, vitamin B-6, iron, potassium, and phytonutrients ( these have been linked to the protection from cancer)

Helps Prevent
Skin allergies
Paw Licking
Seasonal allergies
Yeast Infections
Ear infections
Tear Stains
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